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9 клас (18-22.05.2020)

Українська мова

1.Виконати вправи 438 (усно, с.204), 447 (письмово, с.207).

2.Виконати вправи 449, 468 (письмово), 455, 456 (усно).



Українська література

1.Скласти і заповнити таблицю «Порівняльна характеристика Устини і панночки», використавши не менше 5 парних цитат з повісті М. Вовчка «Інститутка».

2.У  посібнику О. Авраменка «Українська література. Зошит для контрольних робіт» виконати завдання свого варіанту  контрольної роботи №4(с. 33-38).

Англійська мова

Семестрова контрольна робота


Ge ographical               a) attractions

north                           b) farming

diverse                        c) tribes

tourist                          d) borders

financial                      e) coast

extremely                    f) castles

Germanic                    g) position

share                           h) centre

medieval                      i) society

sheep                            j) popular


II. Choose the correct preposition:

with (1);   of (3);   to (3);   by (2);   after (1);    for (1);     from (2);     in (1);     into (1);    on (1)

consist ____

thanks ____

washed ____

refer ____

named ____

surrounded ____

known ____

date back ____

range ____

interested ____

fond ____

divided ____

proud ____

go ___ a tour

associated ____

differ ____


III.  Filling in the gaps.

a)entrance          b) due               c ) tube         d) escape        e) event       f)experience     g) filled        h)keep        i) attractions         j) single          k)crowded         l) tourist-filled         m) donations

At the moment I'm in London. It's my first 1)________ of living in the capital city of the UK - and in a busy, 2)_________ metropolis it's easy to feel like a small fish in a very big pond. 

I take the 3)_______ to work; the London Underground is a great transport network. However, first thing in the morning it's often very 4)_______ on the tube. The tube can be quite expensive, at £4 for a 5)______ ticket. Luckily, if you have an Oyster card you pay almost half that! 

As a capital city, London has loads of great 6)_________. Some of them require an 7)________ fee, but there are lots of things which you can do for free. The Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace is a well-known 8)______, which takes place daily at 11.30am between April and July. Most museums in London are free for everyone to enjoy, but 9)_______ are welcome. Last week, I visited the British Museum. I particularly liked the room 10)_______with old watches and clocks.

One thing I love about London is the free newspapers and magazines. The articles aren't too long, and it's a great way to 11)________up with the news! 

As much as I'm enjoying living in London temporarily, it'll be nice to 12)________the big smoke (a slang term for London, 13)_______to the amount of pollution) and return home!


IV. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense and voice

 Dear Helen,

I ________(to write) to you from Cambridge. We________(to arrive) to London on Tuesday and________(to be) in England for five days already. Our hotel_______(to situate) not far from the city centre. I________(to impress) by the beauty of Cambridge. It______(to know) as one of the oldest cities of the country. Its University_______(to found) in the 13th century.  I_______(already to take) a lot of wonderful pictures and________(to buy) some souvenirs for you. Tomorrow we______(to go) to Manchester. I hope our journey______(not to be) very tiring. The weather here_______(to be) very changeable. It_______(to rain) for some hours in the morning but now the sun______(to shine) and the sky_______ (to be) cloudless. Unfortunately, I can’t describe to you everything I________(already to see), but I think we______  (to have) enough time to discuss my journey when  I_______ (to return) home. See you next week!



Шановні учні 9 класу! Відправляйте, будь ласка, свої виконані письмові роботи для перевірки та виставлення балів на адресу:

1) instagram - natasha_mytskanyuk


2) viber 380971264706



1. Практичне заняття «Зустріч з юристами»  (с. 202).



1 Повторення вивченого матеріалу. Закони Ньютона.

Тестова робота за посиланням https://naurok.com.ua/test/join?gamecode=483385

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