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11 клас (13-17.04.2020 р. - продовження)

Англійська мова

Тема «Відкриття і спосіб життя»

Inventions and lifestyles


1. Тест з граматики        «Gerund and Infinitive»

I. Build up sentences.

1.She is interested                            a) drinking alcohol.

2.I would like                                    b) to seeing my daughter.

3.You should give up                        c) being ill.

4.We really enjoy                              d) laughing at her.

5.I’m looking forward                       e) to living in a dirty house.

6.He is used                                       f) talking to drunk people.

7.She pretended                                 g) swimming in the sea.

8.Pamela is good                                h) to have a cup of coffee.

9.I couldn’t help                                  i) in surfing the Internet.

10.She avoids                                      j) at riding a horse.

II. Write sentences correctly.

11.Leonard loves to riding.

12.My cousin stopped to exchange a few words with her gardener.

13.Remember buying some strawberry.

14.I insist on to come in time.

15.Try using a pen instead of a pencil.

16.We were surprised to know that.

17.The doctor advised me taking this medicine.

18.Mary has decided to apply for this job.

19.I tired not to looking at the dead body.

20.I heard a little girl to play the piano

III.  Read the article and match the aspects

1 …: You start introducing yourself as „Jim at I-I-Net dot net dot...“ All of your friends have signs in their names. You don’t know the sex of three of your closest friends, because they have neutral nicknames and you never bothered to ask.

2…: You kiss your boyfriend’s home page. Your girlfriend drapes a blond wig over your monitor to remind you of what she looks like. Your wife says communication is important in a marriage...so you buy another computer and install a second phone line so the two of you can chat.

3…: You step out of your room and realize that your parents have moved and you don’t have a clue when it happened. You can’t call your mother...she doesn’t have a modem.

4…: Your dog has its own home page... And your dog’s home page is actually good.

5…: You code your homework in HTML and give your teacher the URL.

A. Parents.   

B. Making friends.  

C. Dating and marriage. 

 D. Schoolwork.  

 E. Pets

IV. Match the science with its definition ( four sciences are extra ).

1. Design and construction of roads, bridges, buildings ________________________________

2. Science of very low temperatures _______________________________________________

3. Science of communication and control in machines and brain _________________________

4. Study of work environments and conditions _______________________________________

Ergonomics, ethnology, astronautics, cryogenics, geopolitics, civil engineering, cybernetics, astrophysics

V. Match the nouns below with their meanings ( two words are extra )

Newsgroup, megabyte, chat room, scanner, RAM database, spam, attachment,  palmtop

1 online conversation between a group of people ______________________________________

2 website where people get information about a certain topic they are interested in ___________

3 file sent together with an e-mail message ___________________________________________

4 unwanted material sent to your computer (ads etc.) ___________________________________

5 large collection of information ___________________________________________________

6 measure for computer memory ___________________________________________________

7 memory in a computer used for temporary storage of information _______________________

VI. Match the words on the left with the words on the right to get the right phrases

 1. to top up                                         of charge

 2. to boost                               learning                

3. to facilitate                           cell  phone

4. free                                       self - confidence

5 .long-lasting                          problems

6. to share                                content

7. harmful                                restrictions

8. legal                                      friendship




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Опрацювати §41 с.236 – 241. https://fizikapoburko.blogspot.com/

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1 Молочний Шлях. Будова Галактики. Місце Сонячної системи в Галактиці. Зоряні скупчення та асоціації. Туманності. Підсистеми Галактики та її спіральна структура. Надмасивна чорна діра в центрі Галактики... https://fizikapoburko.blogspot.com/

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