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Головна » 2020 » Квітень » 27 » 10 клас (англ.мова продовження)
10 клас (англ.мова продовження)

National Cuisine (Unit 4)

  1. Breakfast for an Englishman is generally a ….. meal than they have on the Continent.
  1. bigger;  b) great;  c) not important;  d) more important.
  1. The main meal of the day is called …..
  1. dinner;  b) lunch;  c) high tea;  d) snack.
  1. If dinner is eaten in the evening(about 7 p.m.), the midday meal is called …..(about 1 p.m.).
  1. dinner;  b) lunch;  c)  high tea;  d) snack.
  1. It is well-known that every national ……has got its famous specialties.
  1. tradition;  b) culture;  c) history;  d) cuisine.
  1. The evening meal in Britain goes under various …..
  1. names;  b) forms;  c) colours;  d) music.
  1. The Christmas pudding is always full of ….. .
  1. raisins;  b) nuts;  c) chocolate;  d) surprises.
  1. ….. means to cook something slowly in liquid.
  1. to fry;  b) to slice;  c) to stew;  d) to bake.
  1. Food which is kept very cold is…..
  1. raw;  b) cold;  c) wet;  d) frozen.
  1. This tea is very …... You’ve put too much sugar in it!
  1. sweet;  b) hot;  c) tasty;  d) strong.
  1. People on a diet often try to eat ….. food.
  1. not tasty;  b) low-fat;  c) little;  d) nutritious .
  1. She doesn’t like Mexican food because it is too …..
  1. unhealthy;  b) expensive;  c) spicy;  d) tasty.
  1. We often buy …..food on Fridays – either Chinese or Indian.
  1. takeaway;  b) new;  c) fast;  d) prepared.

Communication Technologies (Unit 5)

  1. It’s a website where a user creates and regularly updates a journal that reflects the views of the writer.
  1. a blog;  b) PC;  c) offline;  d) online.
  1. How can a company offer computer users the opportunity to order and pay for goods and services using their cards on the Internet?
  1. in a shop;  b) through a TV shop;  c) through a bank ;  d) through e-commerce.
  1. A computer is a machine which consists of …..
  1. input and output;  c) many metal components;
  2. hardware and software;  d) screen and printer.
  1. Computers reduce ….. used in an office.
  1. work time;  b) the amount of paper;  c) people’s resource;  d) pleasure.
  1. This device allows the user to select objects on the display screen.
  1. Windows;  b) pointing device;  c) desktop;  d)  HTML.
  1. …. is copying information from a website to your own computer.
  1. downloading;  b) surfing the Net;  c) the Net;  d) e-mail.
  1. One of the most important input devices is the …..
  1. microphone;  b) keyboard;  c) programmed;  d) enter.
  1. Yesterday I switched on the computer and entered my…..
  1. screen;  b) name;  c) phone number;  d) password.
  1. It allows you to search the WWW and look at webpages(e.g. Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer).
  1. e-mail;  b) modem;  c) web browser;  d) phone line.
  1.  It is a secret word you have to type to enter a computer system.
  1. password;  b) username;  c) data;  d) website.
  1. When you are moving from one document or website to another in order to find information you are …..
  1. writing an e-mail;  c) playing online games;
  2. surfing the net;  d) updating your journal.
  1. The potential uses of computers are …..
  1. definite;  b) indefinite;  c) infinite;  d) great.

Is the Earth in Danger? (Unit 6)

  1. What natural disasters are becoming more frequent in Ukraine?
  1. floods and storms;  b) floods and earthquakes;  c)  tsunamis;
  2. tornadoes.
  1. ..… are rain drops that have formed together into ice.
  1. hailstorms;  b)  heat wave;  c) floods;  d) a tsunami.
  1. Some birds and animals are …..because people cut down the trees.
  1. in cages;  b) in forests;   c) in zoos;  d) in danger.
  1. The land has a great role in …..
  1. outer space;  b) cyber space;  c) our life;  d) the books.
  1. Don’t allow anybody to ….. our territory.
  1. protect;  b) occupy;  c) demonstrate;  d) pollute.
  1. ….. is the point in which a volcano is active and releases its power.
  1. a landslide;  b) a volcanic eruption;  c) a blizzard;  d) a draught.
  1. ….. is a severe winter storm condition characterized by low temperatures, strong winds and heavy blowing snow.
  1. a wildfire;  b) a draught;  c) a blizzard;  d) a landslide.
  1. If there is a lot of rain, or very strong winds, ….. can happen.
  1. fires;  b) avalanches;  c) danger;  d) floods.
  1. Every day we use ….. made from wood.
  1. water;  b) paper;  c) air;  d) food.
  1. Our planet suffers from …..
  1. pollution;  b) animals;  c) plants;  d) children.
  1. Every year the Earth loses 20 million acres of tropical….
  1. rainforests;  b) birds;  c) water;  d) rivers.
  1. The future is in our …..
  1. dreams;  b) plans;  c) hands;  d) discussions.

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